About Phnom Penh Real Estate

Phnom Penh Real Estate was created in 2012 by Phnom Penh Media, a group working with web development in Asia. We found at that point there was no single website where potential tenants and landlords could view showing all properties currently available within Cambodia. Even the websites that were available had many errors like filter and search functions that did not perform their task correctly and did not provide the searcher with the information we feel is necessary when searching for any property.

Due to this, we developed a great platform that allows anyone with a property and business for sale and/or rent in Cambodia to market it through this site for free. Our format offers the very easiest and effective way for both the searching customer and as a property/business owner.

We reached the first page at google for many keywords which also gives us more visitors than any other property website currently running within Cambodia, which again can only benefit all who list their objects at Phnom Penh Real Estate. We will within 2014 be on top of all search engines.

Remember – ALL IS FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! So take advantage now and list your property to thousands of potential customers each and every day. Only available at Phnom Penh Real Estate.

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