Cambodian Property Title Information

Here we will provide all you need to know regarding Cambodian property title information. The official document that confirms ownership of a property in Cambodia is referred to as a title or deed.

All Cambodian title information was destroyed during the 1975 to 1979 period and in 2001 a revised Cambodian Land Law was approved and passed which clarified property ownership in the Kingdom allowing for over 2 million titles to be issued. This allowed for property ownership to be held in several forms, hard title, soft title and strata title (co-ownership buildings) & LMAP.

Hard Title

This is the most reliable, and most secure title, which secures the citizen’s right to unconditional ownership of property secured by the Land Management and Planning office. The hard title contains detailed information about the property and is certified at the ministry level by the Cadastral office and the Ministry of Land. A 4 % transfer tax is payable on all hard title transfers. A hard title transfer can take up to 3 to 4 months to complete. Consider most land, villas and ground floor properties to be hard title. Only a Cambodian citizen can own this in their name.

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Soft Title

In the case of a soft title or Letter of Possessory Right, this document secures the right of an individual to own the property and is the most common form of title ownership in the Kingdom. The title is issued and transacted at a local commune level and is processed by a Sangkat & Khan (commune / council & village / district chiefs) In the city the ground floor will be hard title and floors above are generally soft title. When transferring a soft title, the Measurement office comes to assess the property and the Taxation office issue an invoice for payment, its calculated between $6 to $8 per sqm of interior space. There will be additional fees to the Sangkat & Khan of roughly $400 to $700. Only a Cambodian citizen can own this in their name.


This is available in shared ownership or co-owned buildings built after 2010. This is a form of hard title issued at a ministry level. Most modern condos are strata title allowing for 70% of the units to be owned by foreigners while 30% can be owned by Cambodians. This does not allow for ownership of the ground floor or within 30km of the Cambodian land border. This title takes around 3 months to complete and has a 4% transfer tax. Anyone can hold this title in their name.

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LMAP Title

This is a new and high-tech land title that appeared recently in Cambodia in 2002 in conjunction with the World Bank. In stands for Land Management and Administration Project and is issued by the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction. The title is created using GPS coordinates and therefore is not open to dispute with neighbors. The transfer of this title has a 4% tax and takes around 3 to 4 months to complete. This title must be held in a Cambodian citizen’s name.

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Depending on the kind of property you’re interested in, the title may be already set. Speak to us regarding this before you start viewing to ensure you’re viewing the right kind of property. Even if the title cannot be held in a foreigner’s name there are several methods a buyer can use to purchase and secure the title meaning purchasing any kind of property is possible.

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